Your Support System in the USA

While living in USA as a Cultural Care au pair, you will have support from the largest agency in America. The network of support spans from the head office in Boston, Massachusetts and continues to your host family’s community and your Local Childcare Consultant.

Your Local Childcare Consultant

It is a US State Department requirement that every host family has a Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) available to support both the family and au pair. Your LCC will be within your local community, and will be able to assist you at any point during your experience. The LCC will also meet and screen your host family before you arrive, as well as help connect you to other au pairs. Many of our LCCs have had children, understand what it is like to work in childcare and all our LCCs embrace cultural exchange. Below is how your LCC will help you during your au pair experience:

  • Interview your host family before you arrive
  • Arrange a welcome meeting with you and your host family upon your arrival
  • Conduct monthly meetings for you and fellow au pairs
  • Monthly check-ins with you and your host family
  • Offer advice on the educational courses in your community

Your LCC will be a fantastic resource for you during your stay and will help you to adjust to life in the USA.

Cultural Care Au Pair – Boston, Massachusetts

Our head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts and staffed with a team of people who are available to assist you during your au pair stay. The Program Directors supervise the LCCs across the USA and will be available to offer support if you should need it.  With Cultural Care Au Pair you will have access to your LCC, Program Director, as well as an emergency number in the event of an urgent situation. No question is too small to call into the office and ask a staff member!

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