The Step by Step Application Process

Unsure how to get started? It is easy with these five steps:

1. Sign up for a free information meeting

If you are considering a year as an au pair, the first step is to attend an information meeting. A Cultural Care Au Pair staff member will get in touch with you to talk about your childcare experience, expectations for the program and to review the meeting date and location.

At the meeting, you will listen to a presentation about the program and often will be able to ask a former Cultural Care au pair questions. If you feel the program might be a good fit for you, then we recommend doing the one-on-one interview with the interview leader. Don't worry about this interview! It is a chance for us to get to know you better and create a profile that will be added to your au pair application. 

2. Your Online Application

When you are invited to an information meeting, we will also send you the link to create your online application. The application should not take more than 2 weeks to complete and will ask you to write about your childcare, work and school experience and why you want to be an au pair. You will also be able to add pictures and write a letter to your future host family talking about why you would make a great au pair!

3. The Matching Process

Once your application is submitted, we will review all the details, check your references and then hopefully accept you into the matching process. The placement team in the USA will review your experience and begin looking for a family for you.

When you are matched with a family, we will call you and you will be able to review the host family’s details in your online account. The family will review your information and decide if they want to reach out to arrange a phone interview. Once the phone interview is complete, you and the host family will decide if the match is a good fit. If both parties agree on one another, we will begin working with you to arrange your travel plans!

4. Applying for Your Visa and Travel Arrangements

After agreeing upon your travel date, we will help you get the necessary documents together and send instructions on how to make your visa appointment. It is at this point that your program fee is due to Cultural Care Au Pair to confirm your placement. We will also begin arranging your flights to New York and discuss with you our extended insurance coverage options.

5. The Cultural Care Au Pair Training School in New York

Your au pair year will begin at our Cultural Care Au Pair Training School at St. John's University, 45 minutes outside of New York City in Long Island. At the school everything will be provided for you and you will have the opportunity to meet other au pairs from around the world. You will attend classes on American culture, child safety, CPR training, and how to best communicate with your host family. You also have the opportunity to experience New York City. The week will be a great introduction to your au pair life!

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