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For adults and students aged 18-26

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Cultural Care Interview Leader's Testimonial


"I decided to work with Cultural Care when I came back from being an au pair as it gave me the chance to stay involved with the program. I had such an amazing time when I was a Cultural Care Au Pair and I wanted to share my experience and the amazing opportunity with other people that are interested in the program.
I enjoy working with Cultural Care as it gives me the opportunity to talk about my au pair experience and "my kids," and to relive my time in the USA, to potential au pairs and give them the chance to experience something as special as I did. I really enjoy speaking to the au pairs once they have come home from the USA and hear that they have had an amazing experience and to hear what they were able to achieve in their au pair year.
My biggest piece of advice to anyone considering becoming an au pair is to take the leap, you will not regret your decision, and you will become a more confident and independent person over the time you spend abroad as a Cultural Care Au Pair." - Suzie Cox, Interview Leader QLD